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Column pieces/ Literary criticism (Feminist Fridays, The Adroit Journal)

"The Places I Weep: On Heather Christle's The Crying Book"

"Fuck White Supremacist Capitalist Patriarchy's Ruinous Carcinogenosphere": Thoughts on Anne Boyer's The Undying

"I See Mothers Everywhere: On Stephen King's Misery and Being a Woman of a Certain Age"

"I Have No Answers, Only Questions: On Eve Ensler's The Apology"

"Soft Tissue: Thoughts on Miriam Toews Women Talking"

 "Shooting Wuthering Heights Out of the Canon: On Race, Class, Gender and Gossip"

“Son of a Nutcracker!”: On the Complicated Masculinity of Elf"

“On Maggots, Motherhood, and Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein

She Lit the Walls on Fire” 

Don DeLillo’s White Noise is Relevant Again


Essays/ Creative Nonfiction/ Literary Criticism:

"The Towels are Missing" (Pithead Chapel)

"The Art of Letting Go, As an Artist and a Mother" (Catapult)

"More Like Humming" (Gravel)

“Spinning: A Love Letter About Genetics, Written to My Son While He Played in the Swimming Pool”(The Manifest Station)

“Revisiting Sherry Ortner Through the Gates of Central Park”(Entropy)

“Dirty Looks”(The New Engagement)

“Surface” (Evansville Review, Print,)

“He Can Call Me Flower”(Fiction Advocate)

“Birthday”(Mothers Always Write)


Guest Blog posts/ Interviews:


"Amie Souza Reilly Recommends: "A Gift Basket for Budding Feminists" (Kenyon Review)

“So What if You Don’t Get Anywhere in a Flash?”(Nunum)

“The Process of Unfolding”(The Light Within)



Flash Fiction:            

 "Fruit Fly" (Bending Genres)

"Whale Fall" (The Cabinet of Heed)      

"Clove is Matched with Hunger" (MoonPark Review)

"Thermoregulation" (Okay Donkey)

Ursa Minor”(SmokeLong Quarterly)

“Two Faces or a Candlestick” (Pidgeonholes)

“Lake Champlain, Essex, New York”(Toasted Cheese)


“The Snail”(The Ekphrastic Review)

“Tea to One” (Unlocking the Word,Print)


"In Defense of the Word Doc" (Inside Higher Ed)



Amie Souza Reilly teaches in the English Department at Sacred Heart University in Connecticut. She is the Feminist Fridays blogger at The Adroit Journal and publishes creative nonfiction and flash fiction.



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